Angel Wing Pet… is a small family run kennel, located in the southwest corner of Missouri. We have been blessed with ten beautiful wooded acres, so our puppies have lots of room to run. We specialize in creating puppies that will bless your life. We have Cockapoo’s (designer hybrid of a Cocker Spaniel and a mini-poodle) also Cavapoo (King Charles and mini-poodle) and Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever and a mini-poodle). Most of our adult dogs are APRI, and AKC, and most of our puppies are designer breeds and cannot be Registered with the AKC. Our main goal is to produce a very loving, healthy puppy, that will be a blessing, and that brings joy.

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We are members of the Missouri Pet Breeders Association. MPBA is the Nation’s oldest professional pet organization. They work with the Missouri University Extension Service and the Missouri Department of Agriculture. Their purpose is to educate, inform and promote the best quality puppies that are born and raised in Missouri. Breeders are held to a strict code of ethics for the safety and well-being of their animals.

  • We are also members of Concerned Dog Breeders of the Ozarks Our local chapter of MPBA that meets monthly in Springfield MO.

  • Also, member of Professional Pet Association (PPA) that meets monthly in Nevada Mo.

  • Member of Missouri Animal Husbandry Association.

  • Member of Iowa Pet Breeders.